365 Freestyle Term 4 2019

Snowplanet 365 Freestyle Programs 2019




Freestyle programs cover both Snowboard and Freeski.  This Program teaches all abilities from those learning to jump or hit rails to those perfecting their tricks.

Terms 1, 2 & 4 Friday's

Term 3 Thursday's

5pm - 6.45pm


‘Entry’ Program

The ‘Entry’ Program is focused on developing young skiers and snowboaders giving them a  basic introduction to Freestyle- including techniques and learning to ride basic jumps and boxes. Great for young snowsports Athletes who can easily link their turns from the top of Snowplanet with skiers fully parallel and Snowboarders starting to complete on snow tricks. 


‘Intermediate’ Program

The ‘Intermediate’ Freestyle Program provides a platform for athletes to start developing more advanced jump and rail techniques and look at individual training techniques. This program will look to challenge athletes with improved technique and more dynamic and technical all round skiing and snowboarding:


‘Advanced’ Program

The ‘Advanced’ Freestyle Program is perfect for experienced athletes looking to push themselves in a technical and competitive environment. We look at both technical improvements to an athletes riding to improve performance, as well as the mental side of freestyle to prepare them for competitve enviroments. 


Program Pricing
Term 4 2019

Friday 18th October - Friday 20th December

5pm to 6.45pm (1 hour and 45 minutes) 

Snowplanet Members: $460 per program for 10 week term ($414 includes 10% full payment discount) 

Snowplanet Non Members: $570 per program for 10 week term ($513 includes 10% full payment discount)

*An additional 2.50 Processing Fee applies to each program

Drop in Rate:

Member : $60

Non-Member : $70


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Snowplanet Small Road, Silverdale, Auckland
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